Guaranteed methods on How to Grow taller at 17 years of age by two to four inches

How Tall can i be :

Guaranteed methods on How to Grow taller at 17 years of age by two to four inche

Few of the daily embarrassing situations most of the short people face in daily life like

  • My friends are taller and i look short among all
  • In my family i look short than others
  • My friends make fun of me because i am short

Donot worry we will provide you a complete guide on How to grow taller and How Tall can i be with our awesome scientifically Proven Grow taller naturally tips . The four basic principles on How to grow Taller are

  • Take Proper Well Balanced Diet – Your diet should have plenty of lean proteins , calcium , amino acids, Vitamin D rich foods . These nutrients help in strengthening of your bones and muscles in the body

How to Grow taller at 17 years of age by two to four inches

Daily plan your meal with the below seven best  foods to grow taller which are proven and results guaranteed . Even you like or not try to take all in your diet and please don’t neglect

Guaranteed methods on How to Grow taller at 17 years of age by two to four inches

Guaranteed methods on How to Grow taller at 17 years of age by two to four inches




Citrus fruits

Green leafy vegetables



Nuts like almonds Peanuts


  • Do exercises on a daily and regular basis . By doing like this our body releases hormones which helps to increase height . Combination of anaerobic exercises , aerobic exercises , Yoga speed up the height growth . Lets know those exercises without wasting time which helps to increase height


Playing Basket Ball

Performing yoga


Hanging (pull ups )

Weight lifting


  • After entering into puberty age group start doing stretching exercises which helps to grow taller . By doing the following stretching exercises you can maintain proper posture

Here are exercises to grow taller

Touch Toes
Wall Stretch
3. Bridge
4. Cobra Stretch
5. Cat Stretch

  • There are many natural height growth methods which helps to grow taller . Dont blindly rush for medications or surgical procedures



Best Stretching Exercises to increase height and grow taller

We will know the Guaranteed Exercises to Increase Height and Grow Taller Exercises along with Basic stretches to grow taller . Height Increasing exercises if performed with with love and dedication and if done properly can increase your height . Along with proper diet and happy sleep you should try out these  Best stretching exercises . These exercises should be part of daily life . If you are a beginner do these exercises at morning or evening . But for better results do these stretching exercises to increase height on morning and evening .

Best Stretching Exercises to increase height and grow taller

There are a lot of stretches to grow taller . We will see the best and most effective stretches among all . Below are few Exercises to Grow taller and Stretching exercises to increase height  Try to start from low time and increase time like start from 3 seconds and then slowly increase . Exercises that make you taller play a very important role in release of growth hormone and strengthening of muscles .

Basic Stretching exercises

stretching exercises to increase height mentioned below are tested stretches to grow taller

  • Basic Leg stretch 
    First sit on the floor and then spread your both legs away for each other . Keep your knees straight and down your head . Now touch your toes with your hands on one side and next do it on the other side . While performing this basic leg stretch you must place your spine in straight position . Don’t move your spine , Move only your hip . Perform this for 6-15 seconds of time . Basic leg stretch works for your spine and legs
Grow taller exercises

Grow taller exercises

  • Super Stretch And Toe Touch – Stand straight and raise your hands up . Now Bend and touch your toes with both hands by keeping knees straight . Each set you must lie for two to five seconds
Height increasing exercises

Height increasing exercises

  • Basic Twist –  Stand straight and stretch your hands at right angle to your body at shoulder level . Now twist your upper body from right side to left side at max how much you can stretch . Dont twist your lower body . Each side twist should lie for 2- 5 seconds
Exercise to increase Height

Exercises to increase Height

  • Skipping – Skipping causes extra pressure on long bones in our body and helps to grow taller by increasing their length . Skipping also causes the blood to circulate well and increases blood supply . This Height grow exercise must be practiced daily at home
Exercises to grow taller

Exercises to grow taller

  • Vertical Hanging – Vertical hanging extends the cartilages in vertebrae and increases their growth
  • Vertical Bend – Vertical Bend helps to grow Taller by flexing the spine
  • Cobra Pose – Try to do Cobra posing by lying flat on the floor with chest facing down and palms under your shoulder . Now let your head and upper body  ( spine ) go up as far as This helps to stretch the upper body . Each set should be done for 5- 30 seconds .
stretches to grow taller

stretches to grow taller


  • Super Cobra – Lie on the floor with your back facing sky and position your self like a cobra . Then bend your hips and body like /\ this . Then return to your normal position . Each set should be performed for ten to twenty seconds. In this arms are vertical to floor and your back arched with chin pointing upwards . Now Bend your hips and slowly bring your body into inverted V shape position tucking your chin against your chest . Stay in this position for five to twelve seconds before slowly returning to cobra position . Repeat this positon for five times . Super cobra helps in development of brain and helps to grow taller by generating Growth Hormones . It makes lungs strong . Super cobra Improves your posture and helps to grow taller
exercise for height

exercise for height

Height Increasing exercises

There are many Height increasing exercises which lengthens bones in net . But many are proved to be false . But here we are providing you the best Height increase exercises which are proved to be effective

  • Cat Stretch
    Cat Stretch is one of the best exercise to increase height . During this cat stretch muscles in the lower back are stretched .
    Place your both hands and knees on the floor
    1) Now Inhale while flexing your spine downwards
    2) Exhale while bringing your spine up into and arched position and your head downwards . In this posture your spine should be arched . Each set should last for 3 to 10 seconds . Best way to increase the intensity is through a combination of holding the stretch for longer period of time and increase the distance muscles are stretched .
    Remember the following tips while Performing the cat stretch –
    Move slowly , and feel gentle stretch in lower back
    While inhaling avoid compressing lower back but instead feel your chest expand
    But dont stretch to the point of pain as this can injure your body
How to grow taller exercises

Best stretching exercises

Exercise For Height

The Bridge is one of the best exercise for height and helps to get taller and increase height naturally . The bridge stretching exercise Improves posture and promotes spine health . This stretching exercise also Strengthens core muscle groups and spine

  • The Bridge – Lye down on the floor with your back as a flat on the floor , knees bent , vertical from the ground, heels on the ground  and grab your ankle and hold with your hands . Now place your palms next to your head with elbows outwards and fingers point to your shoulder . In this position lift your hips and abs upside pushing your hand and feet to ground . and arch your spine as much as you can and then back down release it slowly. Each set should be for 3 to 10 seconds . Bridge stretch is smiliar to cat stretch but opposite of it .
How to grow taller

How to grow taller

Grow Taller Exercises

Below are few more Grow Taller Exercises which can be performed daily

  • Acrobat – In acrobat lye on your back and  bend your hands back a side of your head with the palms on either side of the head   . Now slowly raise yourself by pushing down your hands and feet as high as possible , Perform this set for 8- 15 seconds
  • Straight Leg Up
    Lye on your stomach on floor . Now place your hands behind your neck . In this position raise one of your leg as high . Repeat the same step on the other leg too . While doing this exercise keep your leg straight . Each set should be for 3 – 6 seconds
  • Standing Vertical Stretch – Stand Vertically on your toes and lift your body with hands facing up . Try to raise and stretch your body to as high as possible . This helps to increase blood flow to the lower part of the body
  • Lying and Stretch two ways – First Lay down flat on the body with your chest facing the sky and then slowly stretch your arms and legs at the same time as far as you can stretch .

Exercises To Grow Taller

Ankle weights , leg kick , Standing and bend sideways are proved to be extremely useful Grow Taller Exercises

Grow Taller Exercises

  • Standing and Bend sideways – Stand vertically on floor by keeping your both feet flat on the floor . Now slowly bend side ways as much as you can stretch
  • Leg kick – Leg kick increases the length of lower body by helping to grow cartilage in bulk in both the knees
  • Ankle Weights – Ankle weights helps to increase the lower part of the body and helps you to get taller . This works by tying weights to ankles . This helps in stretching knee cartilages to grow taller
  • Inversion table – By lying on inversion table stretch both upper and lower regions of the body simultaneously . By doing this length of both the upper and lower body increases.
  • There are other Exercises to grow taller like
    Bow Down
    Bench Stretch
    Yawn Stretches
    Bowl Stretch
    Sky Stretch
    Wall Stretch
    Downhill Stretches
    Lower Body slant
    upper body slant
    Two straight legs up

Exercises To Increase Height

Here are few more exercises to increase height with a nice video demonstrating each move for a minute . Practice these exercise to increase height and grow taller .You can do a total of eight moves and do one minute for each move . Try these how to grow taller exercises for better results .
U Palms
Wing rolls
Heart Beats
Half Cobra Push ups
Bird Dogs

Besides Grow Taller workouts Performing out door activities like
Playing Basketball
Sit-ups straight
Running, Yoga
Skipping for better outcome
Make them a habit and perform daily

Not all exercises to make you taller  are suitable for everyone . Before trying out a new exercise take into account factors like strength , flexibility and overall health to find out whether or not a particular exercise is suitable for you or not


Tips To Grow Taller & How To Increase Height Naturally

Hello Readers are you Looking for Tips to Grow Taller & Increase Height Naturally ? Here we are Giving you the Best Tips  on “How to Grow taller” & “How To Increase Height”

Tips To Grow Taller & How To Increase Height Naturally

How to increase Height

how to grow taller

Many People have a dream to look taller and beautiful . People can be of different heights. 75 percentage of height is decided by genetics , which means there is 25 percentage of chance of increasing our height by external factors which can be decided by environmental or other external factors . If your parents are taller , mostly you will be taller . But there is no guarantee that you will definitely be taller if your parents are taller. There are many advantages of being taller like you can be more prominent among all . You look more attractive to the opposite pair , you can pick up things easily on the top shelves at home without the help of others or any chair. You can also avoid the usage of high heels which not only makes you uncomfortable but in long term will create a lot of spine problems and back bone pain . You dont know how much tall you can grow unless you reach the end of puberty which will be around mid twenties . But there are few tips to grow Taller and how to increase your height a little bit by following these simple tips .

How To Increase Height Naturally

There are many ways to increase height . Few foods which you can eat before or during that time period which boosts your body to grow height Naturally to its maximum potential .

1) Milk – Milk contains lot of calcium and is a natural height increaser . Drink at least two cups of milk a day . One cup of milk in the morning for break fast and another cup of milk before bed time helps in getting a sound sleep ,  strengthens the bones and helps to Increase height Naturally

2)Spinach – Spinach is low in fat content and contains high quantities of Fiber , protein , Vitamin A, C , B6 , E, K , Calcium , Iron . Spinach also contains required amounts of Magnesium , Phosphorus , Potassium , Copper and also many minerals . See that spinach is added in your cooking recipes . Spinach can also be added in juice or smoothie which helps to grow taller.

3) Carrots – Carrots mainly raw carrots are rich in Vitamin A which is required by the body to produce Proteins . Carrots can be taken in the form of carrot juice , carrot fry or can be added to fruit salads . Carrot can be boiled and taken too in curries which helps to grow Height Naturally.

4) Eggs – Eggs contain Protein which helps to increase height naturally . It also keeps hair healthy

5) Sardines – sardines are a rich source of nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids , EPA , DHA and Vitamin D

6) Physical Actitvity – Do exercise everyday mainly swimming and skipping .
Maintain a proper stature . Stand straight with your back touching against a wall for at least twenty minutes a day . There are many height increasing exercises which can be followed .) Proper Stature – Maintain a proper stature . Stand straight with your back touching against a wall for at least twenty minutes a day

  • Check – Height Increasing Exercises

Height increasing tips and How to Grow Taller

8) Sleep – Sleep early and wake up early . Eight to nine hours of sleep is required especially  teenagers need to sleep between 11 pm and 2 am compulsorily so as to stay fresh , active and energetic . These are the golden hours for proper growth , height increase and brain development too

9) Height Increasing shoes – There are many height increasing shoes for men and women which increase your height from 5cm to 13 cm . These height increasing shoes are very comfortable to use which have hidden lifts and insoles built in high heel shoes , These shoes make you look taller by few inches

Things which should be avoided to grow taller

  • Stop smoking –  Smoking Destroys all the organs and cell structure
  • Stop drinking – Alcohol damages liver causing Liver Cancer , Gall stones , Liver cirrhosis
  • Doing weights – It confuses your body whether to focus on muscle growth or to increase height
  • Don’t get over stressed – keep smiling . Stress causes the release of harmful hormones in the body which may negatively affect the body in many ways

Thanks for reading this article . Watch this space for more new tips  and information on How to grow taller and how to increase height naturally . If you have any doubts regarding on How to grow taller comment below . We will be happier to answer you . People also searched for How to increase height after 18 , 20 , 25

How to get taller Fast In A Week Naturally

Are you short in height and want to know How to Get Taller Fast , then read our daily tips on  How to get taller naturally and increase height . First and foremost thing is we should be sincere and loyal to ourselves . No special and new tips are needed to know for how to get taller in a week . We should practice good and healthy life style practices to stay fit , Healthy and strong . By following the below mentioned simple procedures ,  let us know how to get taller 

 How to Get taller Naturally

  • Reason For How to Get taller Naturally Through Adequate sleep – Have adequate sleep and give body sufficient time to produce growth hormone . When our body is relaxed and resting bones get strengthened and helps in proper growth . When we are having adequate sleep our body releases Growth hormone which helps to grow taller . Many people don’t have proper sleep and rest . They have a lot of stress on bones . When they don’t have proper sleep and place a lot of stress on the body , human growth hormone is not produced in sufficient amounts as it is supposed to be produced and people have stunted growth and they are unable to increase height naturally
  • Take Healthy Well Balanced Nutritious Diet – Balanced diet should include protein , fat , carbohydrates . 60 Percent carbohydrates , 20 percent of fat and 20 percent of protein comprises a balanced diet . By taking nutritious diet you can get taller naturally

Check More of Foods that Help to Grow Taller Naturally

  •  Pituitary Gland – Pituitary gland also contributes a lot to get taller fast . Many people at thirty years of age come to me and ask can i grow taller now and increase height . This is not the right way . They should identify this during their growing age itself

How To Get Taller Fast

In this lets see How to get taller Fast through Stretching exercises .  Try out stretching exercises like Toe touch , bridge stretch , cobra stretch exercises . By doing these stretching exercises it helps to release spine and maintains proper posture . These stretching exercises will be best when performed in the morning after rising up and before getting to sleep will benefit you the most and helps to get taller fast  .

How to Get Taller Fast Through Toe Touch – First stand upright , then raise your both hands up facing roof top and then bend touch your feet with both your hands . Practice this few times a day

how to get taller exercises

how to get taller exercises

How to Get taller Fast 

How to Get taller Fast Through Bridge stretch –  Lie flat on the ground with back facing the floor . Keep your both hands on either side of your body , then pressing down on your hands , try to raise your abdomen away from the ground to stretch your back

how to get taller in a week

how to get taller in a week

How to get tall fast through Cobra stretch – Lie on the floor with your front and keep your both hands on either side of you.  Then push up on your hands to raise your chest . This is exactly the opposite of Bridge stretch .

how to get taller naturally

how to get taller naturally

Check more of Height increasing exercises and stretching exercises to Get Taller Fast

How To Get Taller 

Main Factor which decides the growth of a human being and How to get Taller is in their genetics . But there is no rule that if your parents are taller you will be taller and if your parents are shorter it doesn’t mean you will be shorter  . Let me explain this formula through an example . If you plant seeds of a big tree in a small flower pot in your house , and you are not providing an opportunity for it to grow by restricting its carbon dioxide to breath , restricting its proper sunlight and not properly watering it then it remains as short as it is and it does not grow taller . It remains like a bonsai plant .

In the same way to grow taller , we should provide plenty of nutritious diet , natural space , natural light , natural ventilation . By doing this the  person reaches the height he or she has to reach . Let us know the height cycle since birth

  •  Kids in their first year of life grow taller fast
  •  From second year of life and later on , every year they grow from two to four inches . They grow like this till they reach their adolescence age group
  • Girls grow from 12 to 14 years at a rapid phase .From then they increase height  to a little extent till 18 years . They increase height at a faster phase till they reach menarche and then their height growth cycle slowly starts decreasing
  • But this is different in Boys . They keep on growing till 16 to 18 years  . But if they take Healthy diet and do exercises before 16 years they can continue this growth by two or three inches for two more years.

How to Get Taller In a week

20 percent of growing taller is decided by lifestyle changes like Proper exercise , sound sleep and balanced nutritious diet before and during puberty . If you want to know How to get taller in a week then read our best tips on How to get taller by few inches in a week through our different methods

  • Try to appear taller – Remember that there is no wrong to look taller artificially Before the exercises and diet takes on their action to help you grow taller , wear heels a little bit which makes you look taller
  •  Wear Tight Fitting Clothes –  By wearing tight fitting clothes such as skinny jeans helps you look in form . By looking in shape people who looks at you concentrate more on your physic than on your height
  • Wear Heels – By wearing heels you can look taller by few inches as soon as you wear them . By doing this when people first look at you they concentrate more on your facial features rather than on your height
  • Show your legs instead of hiding them with pants or leggings some times in parties . By doing this the opposite person s attention will not be much on height
How to get taller

How to get taller

How To Get Taller Fast

Lets see how to get taller fast  by making small Changes in our hair style , dressing style , colors of our clothes .

  • Maintain short or medium length hair style instead of long hair style , By maintaining long hair style most of you will be covered by hair and will look much shorter because longer hair covers your neck and neck line and makes you look shorter . Short hair does not cover your neck and makes you look young and taller.
  •  Wear clothes of slimming colors – By wearing slimming color clothes like black , navy blue and forest green makes you look taller . Wearing slimming colored clothes make you look slim and tall . Wearing slimming colored clothes top and bottom will be more effective
  • Wear Vertical Stripes – By wearing clothes having vertical stripes makes you appear taller and wearing horizontal stripes makes you look squatter and make you look shorter . Hence avoid horizontal striped tees . Women can also try collared shirt and Vertically striped pants
How to get taller fast

How to get taller fast

  •  Layer your dressing – Layering correctly can make a lot of difference in the overall look and your appearance to others . It can make a lot of difference on how taller am i going to be . Wear a V – Neck  over your tank top . When you are layering with dark colours then see that the dark colour will be outside . By doing this people concentrate more on dark color than on the height
  •  Getting Taller naturally – Adjust your posture . Maintain erect posture . Walk with a book on your head for some time daily . By doing this you are training your body to maintain your spine as erect as possible . Stand with your legs straight and no further than hips width apart . This will add some more height and also bring confidence in you

Most important thing to keep in mind is never get depressed of your height , colour , physical features or overall appearance . It is the good things we do  make us look beautiful . If still you feel depressed of your height , then divert your mind to the things which make you happy . Know your strength and weeknesses and try to make the most out of them . If you feel shorter wearing shoes can make you look little taller . Some  times you may be late bloomer . Hope this article cleared your doubts on How to grow taller , How to grow taller fast , how to grow taller in a week and how to grow taller naturally . Any doubts comment below , we will help you solve your query . If you find this article useful fee free to share it in social platforms like face book , twitter , google plus etc .

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